Attic Clean Outs in Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Attic Restorations:
Removal of Feces
Removal & Replacement of insulation
Removal of other animal waste
Sanitizing and deodorizing
Servicing the entire Minneapolis, St. Paul Area, and
Western Wisconsin.
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Attic Restorations... Removal of feces, insulation, other animal waste, sanitizing and deodorizing.

Bat Guano in Attic
*APS offers a wide range of Attic restoration services including:

*The abatement of noxious or hazardous feces and other unwanted animal debris from attics.

*Removal of roll or blown insulation.

*Sanitizing and Deodorizing of attic space.

*Quality Re-insulation Services.

Commercial Vaccuum
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612-331-2099 - Minnesota
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Hazardous Waste Suits
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