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Common Wildlife Problems

Squirrels can enter your home in many different ways including roof vents, chimneys, holes in facia, gaps in dormer corners, or even holes near the sill plate area, Once in - squirrels make nests and raise babies, chew on wiring, displace or compact insulation, and of course chew more holes. Squirrels will almost allways use that house until something is done to remove the squirrels currently using the building and repair the entry points.

Bats are a common pest problem in many home and buildings. Some people think that the installation of a bat house nearby will attract the bats away from the building currently occupied. Ask yourself this question. Would you rather live in a tent or a house? The bat houses commonly promoted may be used on a seasonal level but during bad weather bats head for the house. In essence the house or building is the main shelter. Some people also think that bats migrate for the winter, this is also false because our most common bat in buildings the "Big Brown Bat" actuallys overwinters in houses. They occasionly wake up in the winter to eithor move to a area that is more suitable in tempature or to aquire water. Bats can enter houses through an opening as small as 3/8 of an inch. Our comapny specializes in Bat Evictions no chemicals are used. Bat droppings can provide a possible growning enviroment for the disease Histoplasmosis, and the bat itself can carry rabies. Any bat that is acting unusual should be handled with caution, and any such bat found in a residence should be tested for rabies. Our company is also equipted to handle attic cleanups and sanitizing.

Raccoons commonly enter buildings through the chimney and many females will have their young on top of the damper. About mid April if you hear cooing sounds comming from your fireplace it could be raccoons. Raccoons will also enter attics through roof vents, dormer corners, or any other type of vent. Raccoons in your attic will usally sound like someone walking, you will almost never hear chewing. Houses are great places for raccoons to spend their winter dormancy period. Trying to discourage raccoons with noise or lights is usally ineffective. Best results are obtained by first removing the critters then patching the entry holes. Raccoon Roundworm is a disease associated with raccoons, cleanups in attics may be advised.

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