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Q: Is it safe to have my house sprayed?

A: All of the products we use are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and they determine where and how the chemicals are to be used.

Q: Do I have to leave my house when its treated?

A: Rarely do customers need to leave during or after treatments, if this is required we will inform you before application so that you can make arrangements. We try to use chemicals without an odor for our customers comfort. Of course when exterior applications are made it is not necessary to leave.

Q: I have pets is it safe to use mouse poison?

A: Anytime poison is used it is placed in secure locked containers. These secure containers keep pets and children from accessing the poison. We always try to place it in areas pets cannot access.

Q: Can I buy the chemicals from you?

A: No. You must have training and certification by the state to use or purchase the chemicals we use.

Q; If I sign up for service how does your contract work?

A: We do not have contracts, only agreements, our agreements can be changed anytime at the customer's request. This flexible plan insures our customer gets only the services they need or want without locking them into a long service they do not desire to have.

Q: Where do the bugs die?

A: On exterior applications the vast majority of bugs die on the ground surrounding the house or building.

Q: You treated the outside of my house but I still have bugs inside my house.

A: Exterior treatments will kill bugs that cross the chemical barrier, however, it does not kill the insects that have entered before treatment or insects that are already established within the house.

Q: My house was just treated but I'm still seeing bugs on my house.

A: Most bugs are free flying and while the chemicals we use kills the bugs it does not create a invisible barrier preventing insects from flying to your house.

Q: I see bugs crawling on areas that were treated why aren't they dying?

A: The chemicals we use do not kill instantly and may take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to kill once contact is made. Insecticides that kill quickly have little or no residual ability, we use chemicals with residual properties for best results.

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